Smooth Lines appear & Dark Spots on the Face?

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What exactly do you feel when signs of aging appear on your face?

  • Shy of meeting people, especially the opposite sex?

  • Not comfortable to linger staring and chatting with others?

  • As if carrying an extra burden?

  • Envious of seeing someone else’s younger face?

  • Too lazy to look in the mirror?

  • Upset with yourself?

  • Sad because it became a mockery?

  • Feel older?


1. Unhealthy habits.

​Skin health is very much influenced by daily life habits. Bad habits such as smoking, drinking coffee and alcohol, stress, to lack of sleep, will make your skin drier. Dry skin becomes one of the markers of premature aging, because at a productive age human skin actually still has a good texture. But various bad habits that make skin cells become damaged, and the skin becomes drier, because the skin is unable to capture and retain water in the layers of the skin.

2. Environmental Effects.

The environment can also adversely affect your skin. For example, too often in air-cooled rooms, dirty air, pollution, to solar radiation. “But the most ‘evil’ is radiation. We recommend using sunscreen cream so that the skin is not damaged and become cancerous,” he added.

3. Age.

The aging process will begin at the age of 20, but the skin will still be able to balance and inhibit this aging process. The skin will be reduced its ability to produce new skin cells when it has entered the age above 30 years.

4. Genetics.

“In the case of premature aging, there are also people who experience this problem due to heredity,” he said. The “aging” gene carried in a person will allow him to grow old prematurely. Conversely, there are those who have a hereditary factor to look young.

5. Physical and Health Conditions.

​The skin is one of the prominent physical markers when the body experiences health problems. “When the body is ill, the effect will be immediately visible on the skin, for example, becoming dull and not glowing,” said Eddi. If the skin is not treated properly after experiencing pain, the skin will become more problematic and damaged.

6. Self Care.

Although you will experience skin aging problems, but to reduce the impact of damage prematurely, you need to do treatment early. “Proper self-care according to the needs of the skin will make the skin healthy and beautiful,” he explained.


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