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A Famous Chinese Dish

December 5th, 2018|0 Comments

Bird’s nest soup is one of the most famous but also most controversial delicacies in Chinese cuisine. Many people are willing to spend small fortunes on this soup as they believe eating it will help them maintain their youth as well as have a long healthy life and a strong body. The special ingredient in the soup is the "Nutri-collagen," which helps in collagen formation. But the truth is if you want bird’s nest soup to work its magic you will have to consume this soup regularly—eating just a small bowl of bird’s nest soup won’t bring your youth back or give you a long life; some bird’s nest soup promoters say a regular diet of 10 grams a day is necessary in order to reap the benefits. Whereas many dishes with interesting names are so called because of their appearance, like bird's nest cookies made with [...]

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