Bundle of 10 Packed Bird’s Nest Sachets


100% Pure Bird’s Nest vacuum packed in sachet without picking, cleaning or soaking needed. Enjoy your bird’s nest at the comfort of your home with 3 simple steps!

  1. Open Sachet, place in boiler cup
  2. Add 120ml water
  3. Boil for 30 mins and add other ingredients to taste. eg rock sugar, ginseng slices, chia seeds, goji berries etc.


Nutrients in Bird’s nest are easily digested and absorbed by convalescing patients, especially the elderly. A natural tonic food, it is beneficial to your respiratory health as it can alleviate cough, reduce phlegm, asthma, breathlessness and tracheal infections. Regular consumption of fresh bird’s nest nourishes pregnant mummies and their baby, patients who are recovering from surgery, children with chronic illnesses and anyone who wants to enhance their skin complexion!


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