What is bird’s nest?

Is bird’s nest really giving up the nest of people’s swallows?

It is true that
bird’s nest – the correct translation method is SWIFLETS NEST, which has always been regarded as a tonic. It is a kind of cave that grows in the waters of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, and likes to live in the cliffs of Hainan. Birds of the swiftlet use the moss, seaweed and soft plants to blend their feathers and saliva to form a bird’s nest, which is used as a hiding place. People take this bird’s nest and refine it and choose it to become a valuable bird’s nest.


Swiftlet nests three times a year, the first time the nest is thick and white, because the swiftlet has a long winter, it has a long time to recuperate, the body stores enough nutrients, the saliva quality is better, so The nests that are built are better and thicker, and the shape is particularly good. It is shaped like a scorpion, so it is the best in bird’s nest. In June, the swiftlet was once again nesting. Because of the close distance and the complete recovery of the constitution, the nest quality was poor and thin and hairy, which was slightly shorter than the first time. In September, the swiftlet made the third nesting. It was said that because the swiftlet was approaching the production period, and because of the time, the physical strength and saliva could not be fully supplemented, and it was urgent to feed the young swallow. The physical exertion is extremely high, so the third nest is definitely worse than the previous two. Therefore, it is necessary to use more feathers and impurities to mix the liquid, and even the blood spits out and becomes the blood swallow. The argument is not enough. There is a kind of “blood swallow” in the bird’s nest. Many people mistakenly think that because of the swallow’s nesting, the lack of saliva and blood also spit out to build a nest, so it became a bloody swallow. In fact, the blood swallow is a kind of “brown-tailed swiftlet”. The swallow may drink different water quality, or because the feed it eats may contain minerals and other factors, the saliva is red. Build a “blood swallow” nest.

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The blood swallows are produced in Roland Rock Mountain, Kangshi Mountain and Songka Mountain in Thailand. It is not as legendary as the blood of the swallows vomiting. According to the information, the blood stain is actually less than that of Bai Yan. The ingredients of aroma and hair are not as good as the white bird’s nest. Blood Yan is only a rare name in recent years.

Another name is ” White Yan” Properly produced in Indonesia, there is also a kind of “Maoyan” which is prolific in Wenzhou and Borneo. This kind of hairy Swallow is thinner, darker in color, more feathers and impurities mainly called ” The gray-waisted swiftlets are nested, and other impurities and feathers are called Mao Yan.

Senior Dr. Jiang Runxiang analyzed that bird’s nest can promote cell division (will not divide cancer cells), stimulate lymphatic cells, and promote kidneys. Development, immune and antibacterial effect, maintain youthful vitality. Bird’s nest has the same effect regardless of the place of origin, regardless of the number of grades. Bird’s nest is best to use the peeling old chicken stew is the best match. Bird’s nest also has “Jiayan” and “house swallow”, It is built in the old big house and nested. The bird’s nest was only used in the Yuan Dynasty. The bird’s nest can keep youth through the skin. The bird’s nest is rich in protein, carbohydrate, ash, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium and other nutrients. the tonic favorite person best moist.


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diagonal triangle Birds Nest 2

nest swiftlet is a condensation discharge mouth from saliva. swiftlet throat
with well-developed mucus glands that secrete saliva-stick gum when the nest during, photo
After the algae and other foods, over several tens of minutes, can be converted into the saliva, spit on the rocks,
forms a semi-bowl-shaped, white and transparent with a little bird’s nest. In the first year had built
nest best. Nest according to the following categories:

(1) nest: Java swiftlet, like the first white-bellied swiftlet nests, built nest color
white, and smooth constitution, bowl-shaped, a thickness of 0.3 ~ 0.5cm, each weighing about 12 grams, slightly there
fragrance, soft and greatly expands the magnitude of the water, up to 7-8 times of extremely high quality, as Yan.
nest of top grade.

(2) Mao Yan: nest body thinner and darker color, clip have more hair, the main gray
waist created by the swiftlet nest swiftlet other second and third clip to create a nest if there are many
more than feathers impurities, also classified as such. quality than Johnson, after processing made of silk or Yan Yan
The cake is edible.

(3) Nest: nest was blood red, mainly brown tail nest swiftlet had made its
swiftlet nests built by his species, also may be due to food or environmental influences and guides
cause nest color change Blood red. The nest is the legend swiftlet nest made vomiting, lack of real
channel. The quality of blood swallows is worse than that of white bird’s nest.

(4) House Yan: swiftlet in big old house had built nests, bird’s nest is usually such color
then white, quality pine, less hair, the more creamy taste.

(5) hole Yan: swiftlet nests in the cave, usually gray or yellow, feather
hair impurities are generally more solid and cool taste.

According to the shape of the bird’s nest, it can be divided into the following types:

(1) Swallow: The complete bird’s nest is semi-circular, like an ancient lamp.

(2) Yanjiao: The bird’s nest is glued to the head and tail on both sides of the rock.

(3) swallows: strip bird’s nest

(4) swallow silk: broken bird’s nest

(5) swallow cake: or called swallow ball. Yan packaged circular wire, into blocks for convenience, some
addition of seaweed gum.

Method nest soaks

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the first nest into cold water for several hours removed, to clamp small feathers and impurities, and then
into the water immersion. The hard immersed in cold water for 3 to 4 hours, the discretionary soft and dip, and then
soaked with water to a sufficient hair thoroughly, preferably to a uniform hardness. Rise nest into a number, ahead of
Yan 1 can send two halves 5 and 6 two; two Yan1 two halves 4 can be sent to 5 halves; swallowtail of two 1
can send two 4 2-5. Bird’s nest is usually stewed in slow fire for several hours. Bird nest small typically takes 1
when the ball and Yan Yan patties 1 to 5 hours, and then swallow wire 45 minutes.

Precautions for cooking bird’s nest

(1) Dip the bird’s nest with cold water instead of using hot water to avoid melting.

(2) The method of bird’s nest dish-type stewing is the most ideal, and there are more active ingredients in boiling or simmering.

(3) such as salty, should only salt when eating, if the stew when the salt, the salt will
be decomposed bird’s nest.

(4) after dipping to pick up the bird’s nest hair, you can add a drop of oil generation in the proper dip in bird’s nest with chopsticks
fiddle, Yan hair with oil and go, except it can be easier to pick up.

(5) The taste cannot be mixed. The bird’s nest is cooked with pure soup. The salty edible chicken clear soup,
mushroom clear soup, sweet edible coconut juice, almond juice, and rock sugar water are most suitable.

(6) Bird’s nest is both salty and sweet, but from all aspects, sweets are more affected.


Bird’s nest is the nest of the seabird swiftlet. It is built on the cliffs of tropical and subtropical islands, surrounded by rolling waves and blue sky and white clouds. The swiftlet begins to make a nest in the spring. It can secrete a kind of colloidal saliva in the mouth. After being spit out and dried by the sea breeze, it becomes a translucent and slightly pale yellow substance. This is the main component of bird’s nest. The swiftlet uses this saliva and slender seaweed, body feathers and soft plant fibers to make a nest. This is what we call “bird’s nest.” India, the Malay Islands, and China’s Hainan Island and the South China Sea Islands have produced.

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