The difference between swallow cake and swallow nest

Swallow cakes

Swallow cakes are made by swallowing and swallowing which are scattered in the artificial picking and cleaning process. Swallow is a complete bird’s nest. The method of boiling is the same. The bird’s head is not that good. Large swallow, but a more economical and affordable walet cake Swallow cake in Singapore is the main product for people to buy bird nests!

According to the shape of a bird’s nest, it is divided into swallows, swallows, swallows and swallows.

A complete bird’s nest is called Yan Yan. Large swallows break and break into strips or strips.

The point is a swallow or swallow, and a swallow is collected into a cake, which is a swallow cake.

Yan Yan, the bigger the body, the younger and stronger it swallows, the younger it swallows the less hair removal, more secretions, and the better the nutritional value, the better the whole body.

Most large swallows are made of raw material with more hair, swallow it old and weak, and there will be more hair loss, so the nutritional value is worse than the sputum type.

Swallowing and swallowing cakes are mostly made from raw materials with lots of hair, nutritional value is still very different from swallowing, therefore, it is recommended to buy bigger and more complete swallows.

As a nutritious ancient treasure and sacred beauty product, bird’s nest has the function of nourishing yin and moisturizing the lungs, nourishing and nourishing the skin, at the same time, it can increase the body’s metabolism and long-term consumption, so that women can shine with beautiful from the inside out. The bird’s nest is peaceful, this is the best time for the human body to digest the bird’s nest on an empty stomach every morning, can be mixed with milk, oatmeal, soup, and porridge.

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